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RariDash day 2 and 3 by Selective-Yellow RariDash day 2 and 3 by Selective-Yellow
Technically today is RariDash Day 4, but I'll be missing another one later because I think I'll just spend a day coloring these instead.

But at least I can give some crappy sketches. Up top we have the picnic idea, where it seems Rainbow is embarrassed to admit that it was her idea. Probably for Hearts and Hooves day. this and the tea party may or may not appear in my final HC thing. wings how do i draw them

The vague comic at the bottom, though, is and look it's angsty! I haven't really worked out the dialogue, but basically Rainbow pulled out the bubbly in celebration of something [Rainbow getting in good with the Wonderbolts and Rarity getting good with the Canterlot crowd or something].
It's late and they both get pretty tipsy and Rarity decides that this would be a good time to drunkenly ramble about how much she's liked Rainbow since she saved her at the YFC, which at this point would have been a year or two or so ago.
Rarity kisses her, but quickly pulls away thinking she's made a huge mistake and isn't thinking clearly because of the wine/cider/whatever and runs off to her room in spite of Rainbow's attempts to tell her that it's okay. Rainbow decides to give her space, feeling guilty that they've been living together for a good amount of time and even though Rainbow is starting to form her own feelings for Rarity, she never even noticed that Rarity has liked her for that long.

Their manes are all a mess because it's late and they're drunk, but now I think it looks like they've coming off of a huge make out secession xD;;

anyway yeah if anything I wanna color the comic eventually.
ponies not mine, etc
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October 4, 2012
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